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November 1, 2012
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Sombra by Bonaxor Sombra by Bonaxor

Note. Sorry I haven't added SPOILERS ALERT it the first place. I totally forgot about this one DAMN word.

I watched the 8 minutes long teaser of the first Episode of Season 3......

I saw Luna..... I was happy like never.
I Saw Celestia..... DAMN I love her as well....
I saw Celestia talking about the past..... I MELTED from happiness.

We finally got MORE background story, a story I already putted in good use.

So here you got Sombra 1000 years ago in a moment before Celestia and Luna used Elements, taking away his body. He want to corrupt the whole planet with one single strike.

So let us begin ok?

What do we know? That Crystal empire holds some powerful magic, maybe even an object. A GIANT Crystal? I dont know for now. We know that This place had a GREAT influence of the world ( mainly Equestria). If it was filled with Love and friendship, it was spread all across the land, if with dark stuff.... well... Bad stuff began to happen. We know that Crystal empire used to be a nice place, till Sombra arrived. He enslaved this ponies and used empire magic for his own purpose. Eventually he was defeated ( with elements of harmony no doubt) and his body was destroyed, changing him into a shadow/cloud/spirit thing. After that closed in the ice glacier, and Empire disappear due to some curse for 1000 years. And the most important.... Celestia and Luna did not know TOO much about this place, what makes it harder to explain.

But I think I did some progress. Lets get started.

The Origins of Crystal Empire ( alpha version )

I will keep it simple. Some day when Team Awesome was teenagers, something fell from the sky. This thing landed on the far north in the place where Crystal Empire is right now. SOMETHING ( we will see in the show) fallen in there, something that had a great magical powers in it, so powerful that it was able to control, and reshape the world ( not just Equestria)
Light ( or Fausticorn) saw this and went to the crush site, without telling ANYTHING to Team. What she saw was this object of massive energy, that was already changing the world around itself. And it changed the pony tribe that lived in there. Yes, this object landed next to some city/village, and changed its settlers into what we call Crystal Ponies.
Light used her powers to establish a secure zone for this object. She tried to move it, take away, but this THING don't wanted to go anywhere. Worst. Its magical roots were getting deeper and deeper. Light knew that some day she, or any other powerful Alicorn or Unicorn will be able to use it to do something to the planet itself. Good or bad. Such power couldn't be revealed to the world, not even to the Team Awesome. Its location was perfect, away from all the main routs, with fertile lands all around it. Hidden from all that was good, and evil in the world.
As she wasn't able to move it, she decided to create a city in there. The Crystal Empire. She helped the ponies to establish this place, with a center crystal like castle. In its heart can lie this Object.

And so Light took good care of this city, making sure that the Object was sending a good energy to the world, energy of love.

Now how do Team Awesome know about this place? Why Celestia and Luna know so little.
Light like to make a lot of notes, sketches, pictures. ALL sort of stuff that helps her organize her work. But she cant always keep an eye on her notes, and Dream LOVE to search her mom notes for new interesting informations. And one of this notes with Crystal Empire got into her hoofs. A very short entry, where Light only wrote " Now, North will never be the same with the crystal ponies and their kingdom." That was enough to make Dream wonder, and be curious as hell. WHAT ARE CRYSTAL PONIES.... She went to Luna and said her about all of that, later to Cadence, and later to Celestia. No one knew the answer. AND when they were about to go ask Discord, they met their mom, and here she STOPPED them from spreading this information further. All she told them is that this place is VERY important to the world safety, and NO ONE, no matter who he is cannot know about it. End of the story. And Discord NEVER got to know about it. He could have used this place powerful magic to turn WHOLE planet into chaos as he desired. But That didn't happened.

Who is Sombra, where did he came from, how did he knew about Crystal Empire.

For now, Sombra was one of the prisoners in Tartarus Gates. Placed there for his crimes against some kingdoms. His main goal ( for now) was to have more power, be all mighty ruler of the world. His greatest dream was to rule whole planet, as he found it fitting. And he was more then capable of making a BIG difference in the world as he MIGHT BE student of some very powerful pony. We will see in the show who he is, and stuff like that , for now.. lets say he as Starswirl the Bearded student that gone into bad evil stuff.
And so he somehow discovered the Crystal Empire ( maybe from Starswirl) and later used thsi space object to change the world to his bidding.

The rest of the story, with right changes will be released AFTER the season premiere.
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This is really cool! I love it! the effect, the shading.. EVERYTHING! :D his eyes are ver nice. it looks so alive! the wind in his mane, tail and cape, BRILLIANT! I love this. It works really well. and the crystals. the fangs, you gave him a really evil look, and I like that! You've probably put a lot of effort into this. I love it so much! The fire looks great. and there's a lot of details, but not too many details, just the right amount. and the shadows and the shading looks good. Keep it up!! :D Good work ^^
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TrueFrenzy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014
Can I use this as a cover for my fanficion?
Houndoom800 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Can't believe it
TobiIsABunny Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I think the reason why he didn't destroyed the crystal heart is that if the crystal heart is destroyed the empire will go down with it.
Sombra: Heard you were talking sh*t?
Drakozozh Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Alright, which moron decided that, "Hey, it would be a smart and tactical idea to make this little kingdom the root of two goddesses demeanors as well as the character of an entire kingdom!"
"But isn't the local rule a despotic slaver who exists for the sole purpose of tormenting his subjects?"
"OH that's not important, we can just have a small group of young ones blast him with a rainbow love laser, and he can be anticlimactic and single-dimensional as possible!"

Because, you know, if someone decides that they're done playing this love and tolerance game, that might make a PRIME TARGET FOR A STRIKE AGAINST THE HEART OF EVERYTHING NICE!?
DavidNinja001 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Student Artist
I'm going to make joke out of his name.
Dim- som
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some brahs
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Awesome work
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He's a ruthless pony. >:)
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Loved this, the best fan art of sombra for me.
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