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August 25, 2012
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A story to remember by Bonaxor A story to remember by Bonaxor
Story for this comic was done by my friend. If it wasn't for him it would never be done. Only the middle panel was my addition.
For those interested in WHAT IS on the middle panel go here [link]

This is how dreaming ponies see the Mare of the Dreams, if they menage to see through the aura of sleeping mind. And if they see her... they automatically wake up and forget that they saw her.

And I need more such ideas for short comic ( it can be with Team Awesome, Main 6 or princesses) so if you can think of something funny I might use it later to make a comic like this one.

Also I'm opened for commissions. All rules are here. [link]
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...:iconspittingcerealguyplz: This sums up how I reacted to this. Now for critique... The vision you have on this is clear; Twilight sends letter, it gets mixed up, Celestia takes it wrong way. Profit. The technique used is also quite good, the color and expressions really gives the comic more depth. I couldn't help but laugh at Twilight's expression on the last panel. The impact is also quite good, defiantly having a real LOL factor, which is reinforced by the expressions and the dialogue which make the strip great. Now, the only thing I will criticize is the originality. This reminds me a little bit too much of a fic called "Do you want to know?" which has a similar plot in where Twilight sends Celestia the wrong letter, and confusion ensues. That aside, great piece overall :iconderpylaplz:
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i liked the funny story line and "shock factor" of the comic, made me laugh! very good. just one thing... in the very first panel twilight has a bit of super jaw/ chin powers lol i think the rest is very good! the last panels' art is phenomenal thats it. i dont have much more to say but, there is a 100 word minimum so haha ignore the rest of this please! (i swear im not a troll/ douchebag)

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What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
38 out of 42 deviants thought this was fair.

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I'll just forget I ever saw this....
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I belive the proper response would be, "Oh ship!"
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Molestia returns
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:iconmolestiaplz: < My my, Twilight you seem a little red, do you have a fever? Let me help you with that...
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